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Land Title Services | Veritas Title Partners

The Tobin Firm serves as Outside Closing Attorney for Veritas Title Partners, LP. Veritas provides escrow, title, and closing services for all manner of commercial and residential real estate transactions, with the backing of a robust title plant and the ability to write policies with all major underwriters.

Veritas brings to the title closing business a standard of excellence and reputation for first-class award-winning service. Through Veritas Title, The Tobin Firm can close the following types of transactions in Fort Worth, Houston, and The Woodlands:

  • Residential and commercial real estate acquisitions and sales
  • Acquisition and construction financing
  • Farm and ranch acquisitions and sales
  • Local closings of vacation properties and other acquisitions in most U.S. states.

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Escrow Services

When a transaction does not involve title insurance, The Tobin Firm can provide escrow services directly to the parties. Under this approach, the parties sign an escrow agreement with The Tobin Firm; the firm then receives the contract that is the subject of the transaction, prepares a settlement and disbursement statement for the parties' review, and prepares any other closing documents the parties have requested or that are necessary to effect the transaction. ​After receiving the funds from the buyer and depositing them in its Interest on Lawyers' Trust Account (IOLTA), The Tobin Firm coordinates execution of the closing documents, files any necessary documents in the public records, and disburses the funds according to the disbursement statement to which the parties have agreed.

The Tobin Firm performs its escrow services for a reasonable flat rate. Typically any additional document preparation is billed either at a flat rate we have established per document, or at our normal hourly rates.  

Some of the types of transactions for which The Tobin Firm can provide escrow services include the following:   

  • Real estate purchases and sales that do not involve title insurance
  • Private high-dollar or interstate vehicle purchases
  • Equipment and machinery purchases and sales

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