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Registered Agent Services

Under the Texas Business Organizations Code, every business organization must have designated a person over 18 years of age with a physical "brick-and-mortar" address where the business organization can receive legal notices and be served with legal process. The person is your company's "Registered Agent" and the physical address is your company's "Registered Office Address."

The Tobin Firm will perform this service for your company for a very reasonable fee of only $100.00 per business organization per year. Some online companies charge about the same amount registered agent services. But they cannot provide the same level of service  The Tobin Firm can provide.

Sure, you can be your company's Registered Agent and list your home or business address as the Registered Office Address. But ask yourself a few questions: 

  • If your company is sued:
    • Do you want to be served with the lawsuit in front of your employees or family members?
    • Or would you prefer to have the suit served on The Tobin Firm, who can contact you about it privately and whose job it is to look out for your best interests? 
  • If you move your home or business and forget to register the change with the Texas Secretary of State:
    • Do you want to risk having a default judgment taken against your company ?
    • Or would you rather trust The Tobin Firm to make sure its address is up to date, and to contact you in plenty of time for you to answer the lawsuit?   
  • If you or your CPA does not timely file a franchise tax report with the Texas Comptroller: 
    • Do you want to risk having your business organization dissolved by the Secretary of State because a termination notice piled up with other bills and junk mail? 
    • Or would you rather receive an email from The Tobin Firm letting you know we have received an official notice from the Texas Comptroller, and advising you about what to do next?     

Contact us today to have The Tobin Firm serve as your company's Registered Agent.